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Quality management is part of our sustainable responsibility to society, our corporate responsibility. We have ISO 9001 certification, which is the leading global quality management system and we work according to ISO 9001 recommendations because quality, as defined by our stakeholders, is a premium requirement for us.

Quality is defined as «the fulfilment of specific and required client and societal demands through economic and environmental measures taken by the organisation».

The quality perceived by the customer (outer quality) is vital to a company’s survival. Moreover, the company must ensure it achieves this quality at the right market price (inner quality).

We observe our commitment to quality every day and give it life:

  • Our customers’ wishes determine our everyday actions. We work with them to achieve suitable and flexible solutions. This challenge enables us to keep growing and improving.
  • Managers and employees are responsible for quality. Our work is regularly assessed using specific quality criteria and our performance measured against performance reviews.
  • We guarantee the quality of our work through regular training and courses. Customised e-learning programmes ensure dissemination of the latest specialist knowledge and the revision of all past courses.
  • Our familiar corporate culture underlies our open communication. A centrally managed internal system enables every employee to submit improvement proposals and track their implementation.
  • This ensures that employees remain involved in ongoing quality improvement.

All of which helps us to maintain the quality standards of all our stakeholders. 

Environmental management – ISO 14001> Infos

Environmental management is part of our corporate responsibility, our sustainable responsibility to society. That is why we consider it so important to adhere to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

Our environmental approach involves us continually asking ourselves where we can have the most impact and where risks and opportunities lie.

We annually review the following four areas with the support of our environmental management system:

  • Environmental law and risks
  • Operational environmental aspects and ecological problem areas
  • Ecological products and services plus technological trends
  • Stakeholder interests

Our environmental management thus serves to secure the sustainable environmental compatibility of our operational products and processes as well as our employees’ behaviour. Our environmental policy identifies and activates the overlap between ecologically and economically beneficial measures.

The development of our environmental management according to environmental management standard ISO 14001 supports us to that end and includes the following:

  • Annual environmental programmes ensure the ongoing improvement of our environmental performance
  • ISO 14001 certification forms the basis of effective environmental management at Network 41
  • Environmental managers at Network 41 implement the projects and act as contact persons for the staff

Safety management system - OHSAS 18001> Infos

Occupational safety is part of our social responsibility. Safety management (occupational health and safety) is not just a legal obligation; it's also a voluntary commitment by us to ensure a secure, healthy and optimally designed working atmosphere for our employees and the safety of third parties (other companies, visitors).

  • We aim for a high level of health and safety in the workplace and take steps to minimise, prevent and manage risks. We also adhere closely to all the legal and official requirements, regarding clothing or the design of working premises for example.
  • Occupational health and safety is part of our managerial responsibility and we monitor it regularly.
  • We commit to adopting measures which help us avoid or manage occupational and non-occupational accidents and to monitor their impact on an ongoing basis. The staff also regularly receive information on occupational health and safety. 
  • We regularly train our staff in the prevention, avoidance and management of occupational health and safety-related risks. Customised courses and e-learning modules guarantee the relevance of our knowledge and allow us to track courses.
  • Moreover, several employees are «Kopas». representatives (designated occupational security representatives). That is how we support the individual responsibility of our employees and bind them into the ongoing improvement process.
  • A centrally managed internal system enables every employee to submit improvement proposals and track their implementation.

Occupational safety for everyone – a requirement that we always live up to.

Tobias Bürge
TQM representative Network 41
+41 58 611 40 92
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Tobias Bürge
TQM representative Network 41
+41 58 611 40 92
> E-Mail
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