Network 41 faces a broad range of public expectations. The topics of sustainability and society give an impression of how Network 41 approaches its corporate and social responsibility and how it contributes to environmental preservation.


Research has shown that most Swiss expect much more from the corporate world than making money and staying within the law. For example fair treatment of staff, environmentally friendly practices and comprehensive social engagement are also very important. Network 41 therefore harmonises its commitment to corporate responsibility with its business areas’ brand values.

Companies that are sustainable, i.e. successful plus socially and environmentally responsible over the long term, have internalised two components - one constant and one flexible. Stability and continuity are required wherever responsibility and good relationships are imperative, whether towards employees, clients or other stakeholders. Whereas flexibility is required to introduce new and environmentally-friendly technologies, adapt business areas or reorient the entire company. The stakeholder groups value our stability and reliability in every respect and know that Network 41 is quick to recognise and respond to trends: the strategy, behaviour models in the mission statement and customer orientation are the key areas in developing our corporate identity.

How Network 41 acts sustainably
Network 41 uses the following instruments to ensure its sustainability:

  • A basis comprising a mission and clear value system
  • Rules of conduct give the employees guidance
  • Quality and environmental management systems ensure that products and services are included in sustainability management

A committed Executive Board works with the staff to achieve the ongoing improvement of the company’s environmental performance


How does Network 41 observe its social responsibility? «Society» in this context comprises specific stakeholder groups with differing claims on Network 41. Network 41 follows and thus lives its own, clear commitment to corporate responsibility.

What are Network 41's priorities towards society?

  • Training for 14 apprentices a year ensures the next generation will come through and maintains a knowledge pipeline in the telecom sector
  • Our employees have up-to-date professional knowledge achieved through targeted support and further training
  • Network 41 also supports its employees' participation in community activities
  • Society needs more than just material security, i.e. a rounded quality of life and zest for life. Network 41 contributes to that through its many engagements in the areas of culture and sport
  • Adherence to legislative requirements is reviewed regularly to ensure compliance
  • The company observes the requirements of the Association of Swiss Electrical Installation Companies (VSEI), LMV/SBV (statewide contracts/Swiss Builders’ Association)
  • Member of the industrial and trade association of the Sursee Region (IHV) and Swiss Telecommunication Association (asut)

Secure and socially acceptable products and services
Security is not a matter of luck, it comes from identifying and managing all types of current or anticipated risks. Network 41 operates comprehensive risk management to systematically identify, reduce and fully control its risks as much as possible. The focus of risk management at Network 41 is on people and environmental protection, plant and data protection and ensuring corporate performance.


The corporate world is currently more challenged than ever when it comes to the environment. Climate change and the preservation of biodiversity are becoming more pressing and they demand a clear environmental policy from responsible companies, accompanied by corresponding measures. In terms of environmental management, Network 41 continually asks itself where it can have the greatest impact, where the risks and opportunities are and where external engagements would be expedient. Network 41 annually reviews the following four areas with the support of its environmental management system:

  • Environmental law and risks
  • Operational environmental aspects and ecological problem areas
  • Ecological products and services plus technological trends
  • Stakeholder interests

Dependency on environmental management
Our environmental management serves to secure sustainable environmental compatibility in operational products and processes and in our employees’ behaviour. Network 41's environmental policy identifies and activates the overlap between ecologically and economically beneficial measures.

Our environmental management system conforms to environment management standard ISO 14001 and includes the following:

  • A long-term environmental policy forms the foundation of Network 41
  • A medium-term strategy defines the main action points and goals over a three to four-year time horizon
  • Annual environmental programmes ensure the ongoing improvement of the environmental performance
  • ISO 14001 certification forms the basis of effective environmental management at Network 41
  • Environmental managers at Network 41 implement the projects and act as contact persons for the staff

We are committed to environmentally friendly business activities. We provide the necessary methods and structures to improve our environmental performance on an ongoing basis and complete our business processes with the minimum environmental impact.

Spare resources
We work with a modern and resource-saving infrastructure. We favour electricity generation partners who act according to ecological principles, as the use of primary energy and reduction of emissions are the main priority.

Engage partners
We also work with our business partners and suppliers to secure and improve our environmental performance along the value chain.

We commit to maintaining a carefully considered balance between environmental measures and their economic viability for our clients.

Motivate and train staff
We support environmental awareness and knowledge of environmental issues among our staff. We are open in our guidance and motivate our staff to act in harmony with the environment.

We meet the requirements stipulated by law and commit to applying the appropriate environmental standards to our activities.

Create transparency/communication
We nurture a climate of openness and dialogue in terms of our environmental activities. We report regularly on our environmental performance as part of our sustainability reporting.

Call for continual improvement
We encourage our staff to make an active contribution to keep our standards in line with environmental requirements.

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