Why did Network 41 pay a visit to Huawei in China?
Only European partner to receive an award

Network 41 presented with the Environment Health Safety (EHS) Award by Huawei

In February, Network 41 was presented with the EHS Award by Huawei at the Global Engineering Partner Convention in Shenzhen, China. Network 41 was the only European company to receive this award, which honours outstanding performance in the environment, health and safety sectors.


In February, Huawei – one of the world’s leading information and telecommunication service providers – invited guests to its headquarters in Shenzhen. In addition to presentations on sales figures and future developments, Huawei also handed out some awards at the event. In terms of global cooperation, Huawei attaches great importance to reliable, strong partners who – like Network 41 – place an emphasis on environment, health and safety, among other aspects. Pius and Fabio Krummenacher were delighted to receive the award. “An award like this makes me very proud and also demonstrates that we are on the right track for the future,” commented Chairman of the Board of Directors Pius Krummenacher.

As part of the convention, the invited guests visited the Huawei exhibition, where the latest technologies for controlling public spaces (“Intelligent Operation Center for City Management”) were demonstrated and experienced at first hand using virtual reality glasses.

Fabio Krummenacher sums up the visit as follows: “It was remarkable to see how many companies across the world are at such a high technological level and how fast digitisation has become part of our everyday life.”

Staying ahead of the game in terms of environment, quality and safety management!

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What are the key success factors?
Prix SVC Central Switzerland 2016

The special Prix SVC award for Central Switzerland 2016 went to Network 41 in 2016

The SVC (Swiss Venture Club) has awarded the Prix SVC Central Switzerland ever since 2006. More than 90 companies in the region are assessed by the jury of experts according to precisely defined criteria, with only six qualifying for the final round. Network 41 was one of the finalists and is happy and proud to have received this special award at KKL Luzern.

It is not possible to apply for the Prix SVC: entrants are nominated by a regional jury made up of entrepreneurs, industry representatives and politicians from all the cantons of Central Switzerland.

In addition to proven performance, the main criteria are market standing, sustainability, innovative strength and regional roots. The nominated company has to be a key employer in the region, for example, as well as demonstrating the high quality of its staff and management and a sound corporate culture. The jury selects six finalists based on these hard and soft factors. In order to gain a personal impression of the companies, jury members then visit each of them on one day.

Stefan Furch, CEO is pleased to have received the award, saying: «For us this nomination is a good platform on which to present ourselves as an attractive employer that has embodied tradition and innovation for 30 years, and as an employer with well-qualified staff who plan, build and maintain the communication networks of the future.» Supervisory Board Chairman Pius Krummenacher adds: «It was very exciting to following the selection procedure close up, and we especially appreciate the SVC’s professionalism and network. And of course I’m very happy and proud to belong to one of Central Switzerland's leading companies.»

Tradition, innovation and motivation – the key to success!

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Is it time to rest on our laurels?
Network 41 remains Swisscom Business Platinum PartnerIN 2016

Last year Network 41 was named Swisscom Business Platinum Partner. The question as to whether Network 41 would now proceed to rest on its well-earned laurels has been answered with a decisive “no”: Network 41 was once again awarded top status in March 2016.

Swisscom attaches great importance to collaborating with a nationwide network of expert and highly qualified SME partners. Each year it presents awards to its partners based on the status of their expertise and experience in relation to Swisscom solutions.

Network 41 and Swisscom are partners who are able to rely on each other: Network 41 continues to draw on Swisscom’s extensive product and service portfolio, while Swisscom joins forces with Network 41 to offer a wide range of communication solutions in the areas of Connectivity (internet), Business Connect (virtual communication solutions), Mobile and Cloud.

Swisscom counts on the support of Network 41, too, as the award indicates: the two Network 41 project managers Christian Frei and Martin Aschwanden look forward to continuing the partnership in 2016: “As borne out by Swisscom, our staff possess broad expertise due to regular, up-to-date professional development. Combined with our customer orientation and longstanding experience, we are able to offer our customers innovative and future-oriented solutions. This is excellent motivation for us going into 2016 and beyond.”

Network 41 – innovative and future-oriented!

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Network 41 is now a Swisscom Business Platin Partner

Swisscom prioritises cooperating with competent and wellqualified SME partners on a Swiss-wide network. Every year Swisscom distinguishes its partners for their specialist competence and experience with Swisscom solutions. In March 2015, Network 41 received the highest award. Network 41 is now a Swisscom Business Platin Partner.

One thing is certain: the digitisation of the business world is proving 
unstoppable and producing tangible change. In negotiating this change, which is accompanied by the merging of telecommunication and IT, Network 41 can rely on the comprehensive product and services portfolio offered by Swisscom. Swisscom and Network 41 offer extensive communication solutions in the
area of connectivity (internet), business connect (virtual communication
solutions), mobile or cloud, which also meet higher standards.

Swisscom also counts on Network 41. Hence the award, Christian Frei and Martin Aschwanden, both project managers at Network 41 are pleased: «Due to regular staff training, Swisscom knows Network 41 has comprehensive expert knowledge in sales, consulting, installation and maintenance of both straightforward and complex communication systems. Combined with our customer proximity and our experience and agility, we can offer our customers customised and forward-looking solutions. This drives us on and motivates us and our colleagues in our daily work.»

Network 41 at the forefront of the telecommunications and IT transformation.

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How did this come about?
Network 41 receives the Huawei Outstanding Delivery Performance Award.

Huawei Switzerland presented awards at its Core Partner Convention at the end of February 2015 in Zurich. The Outstanding Delivery Performance Award went to Network 41.

Huawei is a leading global IT and telecommunications provider. Of the 150,000 Huawei staff worldwide, almost 50% work in the area of research and development. This ensures that the company is able to put future-oriented and innovative solutions on the market. Huawei attaches particular importance to long-term business partners, and these are selected with great care. Network 41 has collaborated closely with Huawei since 2010, having successfully completed a wide range of projects.

In recognition of its services, Network 41 received the Outstanding Delivery Performance Award at Huawei's 2015 Core Partner Convention. The award was for successful collaboration and consistently excellent work since 2010, especially on numerous projects involving installation and integration of active components for the Swisscom data backbone and access area. Huawei also appreciates the high level of efficiency and quality of the work done.

As Network 41 project manager Martin Aschwanden says: «We’re very proud to have been a partner to Huawei ever since 2010 and to have received this award. We will continue to ensure that our well-trained specialists supply Swiss-made quality, and we will strive to consistently improve our processes. We look forward to ongoing constructive collaboration with Huawei.»

Network 41 - for efficiency, innovation and quality.

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