Network 41 connects Lucerne Cantonal Hospital
Power on the emergency ward

Lucerne Cantonal Hospital now has a new emergency and intensive care ward. Network41 was responsible for the electrical installation work in the new facility. A demanding job – after all, it's a matter of life and death.

Driton Abazi is Head of Installations with Network 41 and the project coordinator responsible for electrical installation work in the new emergency and intensive care ward at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS). It was a very demanding job, as he explains: "The most difficult thing was networking and coordinating the various systems. The equipment used on an emergency ward is highly complex." But Driton Abazi also points out that this is the type of challenge that makes a project of this kind so interesting. After all, it's not every day that a new emergency ward is built in Central Switzerland. "I feel proud, and it's an honour for us to have worked for Lucerne Cantonal Hospital.

High-tech equipment on different floors

The new emergency and intensive care ward has six storeys. On each of them there are complex systems and devices in use which have to be incorporated in the electrical installation – such as electric doors, fire alarm systems, IT infrastructures and emergency power systems. "There's no room for error here – especially when it comes to the emergency power supply. After all, it can easily be a matter of life and death," says the project coordinator. Labelling the devices and electrical installations also requires particular care, says Driton Abazi. "Conventional standards don't apply on emergency wards – special manuals are used instead."

The first and the last on the construction site

There were 40 people on the Network 41 project team: they started planning as long ago as April 2016. After this the lines and the wiring were installed, then the various appliances were hooked up to the electrical network and tested several times.

The emergency ward at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital finally went into operation in June this year. "There are still a few small jobs and some fine tuning left to be done by the end of the year," says Driton Abazi. And he adds with a knowing smile: "On a lot of projects we're the first and the last to work on the building."

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Is Network 41 fit to take on large-scale work?
Electrical installation work and building automation throughout Switzerland

Network 41 installs 250 km of cable in Letzipark in Zurich

Network 41 has been able to establish itself in Greater Zurich by taking on a major contract for Steiner AG. Network 41 is responsible for building automation and extensive electrical installation work at the Letzipark residential and commercial complex in Zurich.

Based on numerous projects carried out over a number of years, Network 41 was able to demonstrate to Steiner AG that it has extensive expertise in the area of building automation and electrical installation. The company is pleased and proud to have been become Steiner AG’s chosen partner for large-scale projects now, too.

Network 41 is responsible for high and low-voltage current installations and light fittings in more than 270 residential units and four businesses. Installation of the building automation systems such as fire alarms and multimedia will also be carried out by Network 41. The project will involve fitting a total of 250 km of electric cable - equivalent to the distance from Lucerne to Geneva. In 60 residential units designed for assisted living, additional call systems will be installed for care staff as well as handicapped accessible facilities.

As Network 41 project coordinator Abazi Driton says: «To be able keep on schedule on a job of this magnitude with such a high level of dependence on other contractors, it’s enormously important to plan ahead and coordinate the work very precisely. Between 10 and 15 Network 41 staff are on site on average – amounting to some 25,000 working hours by the end of the construction period. We’re really pleased to be in good shape to take on such large-scale projects - and it’s good to be able to consolidate our presence in Zurich, too.»

Network 41 – solid and reliable when it comes to building automation and electrical installations!

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Have we now achieved 100 per cent consistency?
New technology for fibre optic connections

Lucerne’s fibre optic network – ultra-fast, clear-cut and consistent

Network 41 is providing fibre optic connections for most apartments and businesses in the city of Lucerne on behalf of ewl energie wasser luzern. The connections are the first in the world to feature the Diamond SA FGB (fibre Bragg grating) technology OLiD. The latter guarantees 100 per cent consistency, i.e. uninterrupted transmission of signals and clear allocation of the fibre optics – from the central exchange to the outlet in the apartment!

Field trials were run by the partners in 2013 for the time to test the new technology in a small number of buildings. The tests demonstrated that what had proved effective in the lab is also excellently suited to large-scale use.

As a result, ewl energie wasser luzern decided to install the innovative and pioneering Diamond SA technology on a widespread basis. Network 41 then set about fitting the technology in all apartments in Lucerne: this allows each fibre optic connection to be clearly identified and provides uninterrupted service from the central exchange to the domestic outlet.

After completing the installation, Network 41 uses special measuring devices (so-called interrogators) to test the lines from the central exchange to the outlet once again. This ensures 100 per cent reliability that every end consumer can be clearly identified and has constant access.

So the ewl energie wasser luzern fibre optic network is not just ultra-fast, it’s also clear-cut and consistent.

An ultra-fast, clear-cut fibre optic connection with Network 41!

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Who do they owe this to?
FCL fans enjoy great reception in the Swissporarena

«Swissporarena – excellent reception on all seats!»

Under contract to Swisscom, Network 41 has brought the very latest mobile network technology to the Swissporarena. Ultra-fast surfing and excellent telephone reception has been available on all seats at the FCL stadium since the start of the current football season.

Over the winter break, Network 41 joined forces with Swisscom to divide the arena up and create twice as many network sectors. Measurements were carried out in the new sectors to find out where and at which angle the new antennas have to be positioned. In addition to adding antennas, system components were updated to 4G, the fourth and latest generation of mobile communication, thereby enabling a data throughput speed up to five times faster than what is currently possible.

Since the winter break was a very brief one for the footballers, the work involving analysis of the existing situation, supply and installation of the new components had to be completed within a very short period of time. Smooth coordination between Network 41, Swisscom and all the partner firms such as electricians, metalworkers, painters and plasterers was absolutely vital. The network was not only upgraded in the stadium itself but also in the VIP lounge, where MIMO technology (Multiple Input Multiple Output) was installed to allow data volumes of up to 300 MBit/s.

Network 41 subproject manager Rafael dos Santos and his team stood by their motto: «Only if we face up to the challenges of today will we be equipped to tackle the demands of tomorrow.»

The Swissporarena is ready for kick-off and all football fans can now enjoy excellent reception everywhere and at all times - thanks to Network 41!

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May we disturb you for a moment?
Out and about in Lucerne for ewl

Fibre optic cable will be newly fitted in the beautiful city of Lucerne from 2010 to the end of 2015. This large-scale project is a collaborative venture between ewl energie wasser luzern and Swisscom Schweiz AG. Network 41 will carry out a most of the work directly on site.

An investment in the double-digit millions will ensure that each individual household in the city has access to the four-fibre model and will therefore soon enjoy an ultra-fast internet, multimedia and broadband experience!

How is this going to happen? The objective is clear: by the end of 2015, some 90% of households in the city of Lucerne are to be fitted with the new fibre optic connection. In order to save costs and time as well as optimising later operation, much of the existing infrastructure will be re-used and supplemented with cutting-edge technology. This unique project will make the city of Lucerne one of the absolute leaders in the area of telecommunications.

What is our assignment? The Network 41 team is acquiring, coordinating and realising the network of the future - and putting it into each individual apartment. After inspecting the building, our technicians install an optical telecommunications outlet (OTO) in each apartment. Based on our longstanding experience in network construction, our installation and configuration expertise for state-of-the art networks and our reliable project management, Network 41 has been awarded this unique assignment to carry out a large share of the total volume of work on behalf of ewl energie wasser luzern.

Lucerne is not just a beautiful city but a fast one too, thanks to us!

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