Complete IT infrastructure for Golden Games

Network 41 has completely overhauled the IT infrastructure at Golden Games in Utzenstorf, from the server to the network, the individual installation of the computers and laptops, all the way through to the database.

Golden Games is a Swiss company based in Staad (SG) that has made a name for itself in the Swiss gaming and entertainment branch over the past 35 years. The company develops and manufactures gaming machines for the casino industry and entertainment machines for restaurants and  gaming rooms, and is also an installer and operator of slot machines. Golden Games employs around 100 staff and runs four further offices across Switzerland, one of which is located in Utzenstorf. 

New IT structure from A to Z
At the start of this year, a full overhaul of the entire IT infrastructure at the Utzenstorf site was required. Tizian Lustenberger was responsible for the project: “We started planning and preparations back in February. Our goal was for the changeover from the old system to the new one to be made as smoothly and quickly as possible. After three weeks it was mission accomplished, with everything working perfectly.”

The Network 41 team was on site for a day and took care of the entire IT infrastructure. Firstly the data was backed up, then the server and equipment dismantled. “We then installed the new computers and laptops and connected them to the network. It only took half a day before the system could be booted up again,” explains a satisfied Tizian Lustenberger. All of the equipment was coordinated according to the respective user requirements. “We defined the access rights, arranged everything and implemented a clear infrastructure.” 

A refined solution
Before the changeover, the entire IT system was very slow. “Now, Golden Games in Utzenstorf has a refined solution that works perfectly,” explains Tizian Lustenberger. The feedback was positive across the board. Network 41 is no stranger to Golden Games and has already demonstrated the high quality of their work in the past, installing a new telephone system and replacing the WLAN at the company. In future, Network 41 will be on hand to answer any IT questions and will be responsible for server maintenance, updates and back-ups. 

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Network 41 – Platin partner at Swisscom

How can a company become a Platin partner at Swisscom – the highest possible level? One requirement is regular training with certifications, thus ensuring the customer can receive optimal support at all times.

Swisscom – the major Swiss provider of telephony and ICT solutions – works together with partners in the SME sector. One of these is Network 41. The partnership has already been in place for several years. During this time, Network 41 has advanced constantly from level to level and has reached the highest level – Platin – at Swisscom for the fourth time in a row. One of the conditions here is the regular, certified training of employees.

Support from A to Z
Network 41 is the direct contact partner for all SMEs that are managed on behalf of Swisscom. “We are often recommended by a Swisscom sales associate,” comments Samuel Brunner, Team Leader of the Data & Voice department at Network 41. “Some of the customers also come to us directly. After establishing contact with them, we look after the customer from the initial clarifications all the way through to the final handover of the infrastructure. As we are a reliable, certified partner of Swisscom, the customer can enjoy our first-class support and consultation.”

Needs-based consultation
Network 41 does not provide standard solutions – instead, they aim to meet the individual needs of the customers. The employees at Network 41 have already completed 20 training courses this year, are thus familiar with all new products and remain up to date with the latest technology. “This knowledge allows us to offer the absolute best solution to a customer. During the consultation, we check what the company needs, how many employees it has, possible demands from field staff and much more besides,” comments Samuel Brunner. “We can then suggest the best system and ideal financing options. Is it worth purchasing their own system or server, is a rental option the better choice, or is a cloud solution feasible? What the customer wants is the best possible price-performance ratio. This is absolutely critical.”

Close cooperation with key players as the foundation for success
“Of course, each company – and above all, company management – should discuss which solutions come into question for them in cooperation with the IT specialists.” says Team Leader Samuel Brunner. “Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, we can assist companies in making this decision. It is very important that the IT managers and IT partners are also involved in the decision-making process. We ensure close cooperation here so that the project can be implemented successfully.”

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Added security thanks to video surveillance and alarm system

Network 41 has equipped a single-family home in Schenkon with video surveillance and an alarm system. The owner can now rest easy that his home is safe from uninvited guests around the clock.

The goal of businessman Beat Sieger was to protect his property in Schenkon against burglaries. Network 41 suggested an all-round solution containing a burglar alarm and video surveillance system. A total of nine cameras were installed and linked together via the installed alarm system. The cameras are installed discreetly on the façade under the roof. They monitor the entire area surrounding the house and guarantee seamless surveillance of all entrances.

Day/night camera
Sectors in the area monitored by the camera that lie outside the property boundaries are blacked out when the data is saved and are not visible. This means that the neighbours are not affected, although Beat Sieger did nonetheless inform them of his plans beforehand. Public areas are also not recorded or are blacked out. The recordings are stored for a defined period. The owner can also decide for himself whether he wants to save certain sequences for a longer time.

When selecting the cameras, a model was chosen that can record in daylight and at night. Finding the correct motion detection settings is always tricky when it comes to video surveillance. While persons should be detected reliably on one hand, the cameras shouldn’t record stray animals or each tree movement caused by a gust of wind.

Smartphone app
The entire system – burglar alarm and video surveillance system – is connected to an external alarm centre. Thanks to an app on his smartphone, Beat Sieger can also keep a close eye on the situation at all times. He is able to see when something happens back home and then decide on which measures are necessary. Does an alarm need to be sounded, or is it just a cat caught on camera? The system is also integrated into the housing technology, is protected against vandalism and also works autonomously for a certain time if the power supply fails.

Maintenance contract with Network 41
The whole process – from the first visit to planning, installation and putting the system into operation – took around four months. Since April 2018, home owner Beat Sieger can now sleep in peace or go on one of his hunting trips to Austria without worrying about what is going on back home. He signed a maintenance contract with Network 41, thus ensuring that the system works correctly at all times. Network 41 is responsible for system updates, inspections and cleaning work. Beat Sieger also doesn’t have to worry about the alarm transmission, which is taken care of by qualified partners in the security sector.

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Network 41 ensures “Nest” tenants enjoy perfect reception

Internet, phone and TV connections are standard in apartments nowadays – especially in business apartments such as those offered by “Nest”. Network 41 guarantees that the infrastructure at “Nest” works perfectly at all times.

“Nest” is an apt name – the company NEST TEMPORARY GMBH rents out business apartments in Zurich, Basel, Zug and Lucerne. The company has been a player on the market for a little over ten years and now has just under 400 apartments in its portfolio. Designed for temporary stays, the apartments are all furnished and have a fully equipped kitchen. “Nest” also offers a wide range of additional services such as laundry, cleaning and pick-up services, not to mention handling of the entire check-in and check-out process and guest assistance during their stay.

TV, Internet and phone
It goes without saying that all apartments have TV, high-speed Internet with a secure WLAN connection, and a phone line. Network 41 is responsible for ensuring that the telecommunications technology is available in all areas and works properly at all times. “We signed a maintenance and support contract with ‘Nest’,” explains project coordinator Ruben Gomez.

State-of-the-art technology
This brings with it several advantages for “Nest”. When it comes to furnishing a new apartment, Network 41 already knows which equipment is necessary without a detailed briefing. “Sometimes, we install the technology for an entire building at the same time,” comments Ruben Gomez. “We always use the absolute latest equipment available on the market.” “Nest” can thus rest assured that everything will work perfectly.

Service hotline
Network 41 is also responsible for monitoring and maintenance of the systems. The guest relation managers can contact a member of staff at Network 41 via a service hotline if problems should occur in an apartment. “We are always there to help if something is not working as it should,” comments Ruben Gomez. “We determine the cause of the problem on site and rectify it accordingly.” Our service also includes the replacement of equipment when new technological advancements have been made.

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Network 41 converts telephony
Analogue emergency phones in Schindler lifts

Swisscom plans to pull the plug on analogue telephony. This also will affect thousands of lifts. Network 41 is helping Schindler to tackle the huge amount of work involved in converting analogue emergency call systems.

The lift is stuck – what do you now? Emergency phones have been required for a long time now so as to ensure panic doesn't break out in the narrow shaft. There are approximately 125,000 lifts operating in Switzerland. The company Schindler in Ebikon is responsible for some of these, and is now helping owners convert from analogue to digital telephony. Since many customers failed to have the conversion work carried out early on, there was huge surge in demand towards the end of the year. Schindler was in need of assistance and turned to Network 41 for support.

Training with examination and certificate
"We held initial talks in the summer of this year," says Ruben Gomez, Project Coordinator ICT with Network 41. "Changing cables is essentially no problem for us. But we had no previous experience at all of working with lifts. How do you work in a lift shaft? How are the emergency telephones accessed? These were the questions that had to be answered first of all – and a few hours of instruction were not going to be enough."

The Network 41 employees – now 17 in total – all had to complete a three-week training programme. The focus was on comprehensive safety at work. The course gave the electricians the opportunity to learn and practice how to access the lift, correct and safe procedure inside the shaft including the use of fall protection, and also the entire handling process including system control. "This was new to our employees so it was all very interesting," says Ruben Gomez. "On completion of the course they had to take an examination and then received a certificate."

Excellent communication
Project Coordinator Ruben Gomez is very happy about the way things are going with the lift manufacturer: "Communication is excellent. Each Network 41 employee was assigned to one of the 18 Schindler branch offices in Switzerland, with their own contact partner. However, they can plan their work independently within the region." Network 41 uses a paperless method: all data such as serial numbers and readings are saved in an app and relayed to Network 41. 

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How to set a new benchmark?
Network 41 connects tourists in Basel

Network 41 connects tourists in Basel 

The Swiss network is unique in terms of technology and size. “Guest WiFi Basel” is the latest Network 41 project – a project of Basel tourism that sets a new benchmark.

“We implemented this project from start to finish: from the concept right through to installation of the wireless LAN transmitters and connection to energy provider iwb’s data network”, explains Ruben Gomez, Network 41 project manager. The “Guest WiFi Basel” project was commissioned by Basel Tourism. The tourism association was looking for new, innovative added value to offer its hotel guests by the River Rhine and arrived at the solution in collaboration with Network 41 specialists: a special wi-fi network for Basel hotel guests only will help guide users to the city’s best-known sights. And there’s much more besides: tourists logged into the network are provided with specific information and services relating to the approximately 20 Basel hotspots such as the Tinguely Fountain, the Town Hall and the trade fair centre. The technical term here is “location-based services”. To enable them to use the new tourist network, hotel guests are given a flyer with a password and user information when they pay their guest tax.

Network 41 identifies and eliminates the problem before anything can go wrong. 
Ruben Gomez and his team have been building up the Basel network for about a year. New sites are added on an ongoing basis with the aim of setting up all planned hotspots by the end of 2017. “The main challenge we face is listed buildings. Special adaptations are required here for installing the wireless LAN transmitters”, says the project manager. And the transmitters have to be regularly maintained and monitored, too. Network 41 has set up a monitoring system that sounds the alarm at the first indication of an error so that the technicians can be called out in good time to deal with the problem on site.

Basel should only be the beginning
There already plans to install the next hotspots in Basel as soon as “Guest WiFi Basel” has been completed. Basel Tourism’s aim here is to ensure the hotels are integrated more closely in the network. This will mean that hotel guests are permanently connected and can receive important information on the city – even while they are still in their hotel room. “We’ve been very impressed by the open-mindedness and innovative spirit in Basel,” says Ruben Gomez. News of the Basel tourist network has spread to other Swiss cities too, of course, so it comes as no surprise that Network 41 has been contacted by other municipalities about implementing similar solutions.

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Tomorrow's solutions here and now with Network 41!

Network 41 is ready for all-IP

At the end of 2017, Swisscom is planning to change the existing system of landline telephony (analogue/ISDN) to IP (internet protocol). This will enable companies and private customers to tap into the new communication solutions of the future here and now. Network 41 has planned and implemented an all-IP solution in Lucerne for Temporary Living Solutions LLC.

Temporary Living Solutions LLC, a provider of temporary residential solutions in Switzerland (, commissioned Network 41 to create a contemporary and sustainable communication solution. Network 41 installed a communication server at the company’s headquarters and linked this to the network via a Swisscom all-IP connection (Smart Business Connect). The branch offices in Basel, Zurich and Zug all benefit from this one connection at the same time since they use the communication and IT infrastructure in Lucerne.

The client has done away entirely with hard phones, i.e. conventional telephones, and replaced them with soft clients, telephony software installed on the computer and headsets. Employees can be reached on their business number wherever they are online.

“With this all-IP solution Temporary Living Solutions LLC has opted for contemporary communication, giving its staff flexibility and making them location-independent,” says Network 41 project manager Christian Frei. 

Network 41 – tomorrow’s network solutions here and now

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Does this impact on synergies in logistics?
IT and communication solutions from a single source

Tapping into optimum synergies for VCK Logistics SCS AG

Network 41 installed IP video surveillance and Swisscom Business Connect for VCK Logistics SCS AG, a leading logistics provider, at the company’s new site in Büron.

VCK Logistics SCS AG is an international logistics company and a leading player in the telecommunications market. It also offers logistics services for short-lived consumer goods as well as high-tech and high-value products. In doing so, the company has to be flexible and respond swiftly at all times, so it requires the appropriate IT and communication solutions.

At VCK’s new site in Büron, Network 41 has installed a network for internal communication that is also linked to the company’s headquarters in Düsseldorf. Mobile devices and a WiFi connection – both state-of-the-art – support fast and flexible warehouse planning and management. The IP surveillance system installed in the warehouse facilities enables processes to be optimised, and it is possible to save and send videos as required.

Swisscom Business Connect, a virtual telephone system, enables all staff to use a landline for phone calls, whether they are using a PC or a mobile phone. This means that no investment is required in hardware for a telephone system and staff can be reached anywhere as soon as they are online.

«Since Network 41 installed systems for telephone, video surveillance and communication at the same time, both VCK Logistics and ourselves were able to make the most of synergies to provide a comprehensive and effective solution,» says Network 41 project manager Martin Aschwanden.

Network 41 offers flexible solutions from a single source!

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The next generation's network
When will the right “cornerstones” be laid?

Network 41 has completed a mandate issued by Swisscom for Emmi AG, one of Switzerland’s foremost milk processing companies, to bring its communication network up to the latest technological standards.

Emmi was motivated by a number of factors to overhaul its communication network: A reliable network for telephone conversations throughout the site, i.e. in all buildings and the outer areas; Use of modern media, e.g. tablets and smartphones to transfer data and manage production and logistics.

The environmental and building analyses conducted by Network 41 showed that the planned installations would require considerable flexibility and experience, given the extremely stringent security requirements and the health and hygiene regulations in a food production facility running 24/7.

Network 41 planned and completed the communication network for Emmi using UMTS technology at 2100 MHz. The new network was planned and completed so as to enable its extension to include the new LTE and 4 and 5G generations – a «cornerstone for the future of the next mobile generation.»

Production management and calling up the ingredients for Emmi's savoury products are now a matter of merely pressing the right button on a tablet.

«The fact that it was the food-processing industry was a big challenge for everyone. We were keenly aware of that and approached the planning and implementation with considerable sensitivity», says Thomas Schläppi, project coordinator of Network 41 AG.

Join the next mobile generation with Network 41! 

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