Field service extends its activities and geographical area

Network 41's field service department is on the spot when private customers experience disruption in the Swisscom network. But that's not all: since this year field service employees have been expanding their skills – taking care of business customers and carrying out cable connections.

Some 37 Network 41 field service employees are deployed on a daily basis over a large area of German-speaking Switzerland on behalf of Swisscom. Their job is to rapidly eliminate landline or internet faults for private Swisscom customers (Service Assurance).

Employees also carry out on-site installations of internet routers and Swisscom TV. Over the past 12 months, Network 41 technicians have eliminated a total of 17,286 faults and carried out 2,255 on-site installations.

When it comes to deployment scheduling, the field service uses a dispatching system that is operated jointly with Swisscom, the client. "The fully automated app deploys the staff available so as to save time and money," explains Marcel Lang, Field Service Project Manager with Network 41. The dynamic system updates operations every six minutes. As soon as a technician has completed an order, outstanding appointments are redistributed among the team in a way that makes most sense in terms of location and time. "The system minimises long journeys and waiting times," says Marcel Lang.

Well-trained employees
Since this year, Network 41's field service employees have also been responsible for business customer support – specifically in the area of access networks "from the head office to the modem", as Marcel Lang explains. For this purpose, the technicians received further training as well as acquiring cable connection skills. In the case of new buildings or relocations, new customers have to be hooked up to the cable network, and the field service staff are now able to take care of these electrical connections, too. In the past twelve months, they have carried out 6,739 cable connections.

At the same time, Network 41 supports Swisscom in continuously replacing the existing copper cables with fibre optic cables, as well as setting up a continuous network without breaks. Here the field service team is responsible for limiting disruptions to the fibre-optic network. "This makes a technician's job broader and even more interesting". It also enables the company to ensure more effective use of staff capacity. Marcel Lang says: "These further training courses have turned our employees into multi-skilled technicians. One person can take care of everything. And we’re getting even more efficient in terms of personnel deployment.”

Network 41 will also support Swisscom by expanding its Zurich site. Six employees have been working in the Zurich area since the end of 2017 – previously there were just three or four. “This means we can respond more flexibly to fluctuations in assignments and ensure stability, thereby providing Swisscom with even more effective assistance,” says Marcel Lang.

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What tool is required?
When it comes to getting cash machines up and running on schedule

More than 40 new cash machines throughout Switzerland

A Swiss bank is not just replacing outdated cash machines but – based on promising user figures – is also installing 40 new ones. Network 41 has been commissioned by Diebold to prepare the infrastructure for installation of the cash machines and will also be putting them into operation. The work takes just two days to complete at each bank site.

The desired location of the cash machine is specified directly inside the bank branch. Based on this positioning, Network 41 establishes the wiring and connections for the power, network and alarm systems and ensures that the installation work is coordinated and professionally carried out throughout Switzerland. Network 41 then puts the cash machines into operation and
provides training for bank staff. All technicians involved have to meet the bank’s rigorous security requirements. «When it comes to installing the new cash machines, it’s particularly important for us to coordinate the work closely with all
those involved. Within a period of just two days, all the work has to be completed, bank staff trained and the cash machines ready for use by customers. It’s quite a challenge but one we’re very pleased to take on» says Abazi Driton, Network 41 project coordinator.

Coordination and planning – a key Network 41 tool


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Does this only apply to Swisscom customers in Central Switzerland?
We deal with problems, offer advice and carry out installation work.

Network 41 on duty from morning till night

Network 41 is on duty from morning till night on behalf of Swisscom to deal with landline and internet disruptions for customers (Service Assurance) or to install internet or Swisscom TV services on site and advise customers.

When connections to the outside world fail - whether landline, internet or TV – every user wants the problem to be sorted out as quickly as possible. This is where the Network 41 field service comes in. Faults are reported to Swisscom, and Network 41 technicians go out to the customer or the telephone exchange to take care of the problem.

Another area in which the Network 41 field service operates is the on-site installation (OSI) of Swisscom TV or internet on the customer’s premises. The Network 41 specialists recommend to customers which appliances meet their specific needs and explain the options involved.

As Network 41 project manager Adrian Schmidlin explains: «In 2015 we dealt with 27,200 service disruptions throughout Switzerland and carried out 7,300 on-site installations. Both Swisscom and its customers appreciate the dedication of Network 41 technicians, since we’re very customer-oriented and flexible in our approach.»

Network 41 – we deal with problems, offer advice and carry out installation work.

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